Direct connect


Direct connect is a retail partnership program open for independent shops around the world. With this model of display and distribution, we are able to make a larger number of styles available to our retail partners and their customers. If interested, please email us to be considered for inclusion in the program. 

Inspired by General Electric's re-design of their white goods business in the 1980s that saw them drastically increase profitability for themselves and their retailer partners, and lower cost and increased choice for their customers, Modes Works is introducing the Direct connect concept once again. This time, it is on the global stage as a collaboration between independent designers globally, independent producers in China, and independent shops globally.

Virtual inventory, it turns out, works better than real inventory for both dealers and customers. “Instead of telling a customer I have two units on order,” says one dealer, “I can now say that we have 2,500 in our warehouse. I can also tell a customer when a model is scheduled for production and when it will be shipped. If the schedule doesn’t suit the customer, the GE terminal will identify other available models and compare their features with competitive units.” 

The virtual inventory system used by designers, producers and retailers together will also lower the barrier to creative work that exists in the traditional wholesale retail model: high cost of product development, high inventory cost, and thereby high financial risk, which makes trying out new ideas (often called 'creativity') scary and sometimes impossible.

Our hope is that this will bring, at a minimum cost of investment, cuter and betterer designs to our customers, and viability to small, independent businesses globally. The admitted downside is that the made to order production model and delivery process takes a little longer.

Dilemma Works garments are produced in Shenzhen and shipped to you from Hong Kong. Modes Vu books are printed and shipped from the US. We treasure your patience.