Modes Works—Industrial arts

Modes Works is an industrial engineering company that first designs ways of working in the in the fields that we call the industrial arts -- photography, publishing, fashion -- and then produces, distributes and retails these works.

In our view, the arts of our time are created in the form of books, records, films, and clothes. These mediums have in common that they are all industrially produced and they need to be economically sustainable; finding a way to create a structure that can support everyone involved, and preserve their individual agency, before and after the work is finished is itself an art.

Rather than hiding the fact that these are works are produced in the same ways as other products, we emphasize it both to the customer and ourselves, to more clearly be able to think about the best way of working and in the end, be able to create better work thanks to clarity in analysis and design.

Modes Vu is the publishing arm of Modes Works. The rangefinder, the Japanese compact camera, and the smartphone each shaped the way photographers work and in turn the work they created. Modes Vu uses digital printing to create prototypes of photobooks exploring the new style of photography, first as Workbooks, then as Greens, before publishing the final version, the [...].

Dilemma Works is a garment maker and a brand run by Modes Works. By locating itself in Shenzhen, China, it gets easy access to manufacturing and is able to, by using first principles of design, quickly try out new ideas and iterate to create a proposal for customers to adapt to their daily lives. 

全球化! Globalize! is a collaboration program extends Dilemma Works' easy access of manufacturing to independent designers globally, collaborating with them to design, produce, market, and sell a single garment. The process of creating each garment is documented photographically and published as a book.

Direct Connect is a distribution and retail partnership program that connects independent shops, designers and photographers with Modes Works as the central hub. Shops stock samples at no cost, allowing for larger inventory for the shop and a larger selection for the customer.